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Printing Methods

DTG Printing
Nothing beats DTG printed apparel in our opinion. This method is the go-to  printing technique used on a majority of products sold on our site. You can expect high quality prints of your favorite graphics or pictures.

DTG holds up well over time and makes a highly detailed finished product. No worrying about simplifying your designs or limiting colors. DTG printed product options are nearly limitless. Whether you hired a professional graphic designer to create an amazing highly detailed design or you want a photograph printed on apparel, DTG is the way to go and will give you outstanding results.


Heat Applied Film
This is our most popular apparel printing technique used on athletic apparel. Unlike DTG, given the nature of this production method designs are limited in detail and color options.
We ask that you limit your colors to no more than 3 colors and submit a Vector Graphics File (.svg, .eps). Although we can accept files in (.jpg) format we do ask for Vector files.

#1: Once we receive your design it will be machine cut with a large vinyl foil plotter. Each color in your design will be cut out of a separate sheet of vinyl foil.
#2: The vinyl foil will then undergo a process called "weeding". This is done by human hand in a very precise manner. The excess vinyl foil is removed and only your design remains. Each color will undergo this process separately.
Heat Press
#3: Now your design will be placed on the t-shirt by hand and permanently pressed in place with high heat and pressure.
Shirt Complete
#4: The t-shirt is now complete and ready for packaging and shipping.