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How it works

What causes price changes?

We offer discounts once you meet certain criteria and also charge additional fees for certain extra features as well, but you will not see unexplained fees on your account. We strive to be open and transparent about what the pricing is and what it is being charged for. Here are some examples of price changes.
  • Adding more than one print location. Ex: having a design on both the front and the back of a product.
  • Selecting additional graphic design and illustration services. These services are billed separately than product fees, and we will make it clear to you if something is an additionally priced service. We do also offer free graphic design services as well.

What doesn't cause price changes?

  • The number of colors or how detailed the designs are do not effect the base costs of the products to be printed.
  • Sourcing merchandise that we currently don't have available on the site. Rough estimates for newly sourced merchandise at your request is just that, it is not to be viewed as a final price. We will notify you of a final "base price" once we have one. As of now sourcing new merchandise per your request is a free service we offer. You will be charged in the same manner for newly sourced merchandise as you are merchandise we currently offer.