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How it works

What do products cost?


A. There are no upfront costs or fees. Opening a Shop and listing products is 100% free. We get paid a portion of sales, so only once your products get purchased do we get paid.

A. The products listed below have a base price, recommended retail price, and an estimated seller's profit. The base price covers the entire cost of producing the finished product all the way up to delivering it to your customers door. The "RRP" is just that, a recommended sale price. You can change this amount.

A. There is a 2% fee not listed on the sheet. That fee covers a portion of the collection and remitting of sales taxes in the US by InkHouse, on your behalf. We chose to do this to simplify the process of selling for you. We understand how time consuming dealing with all of the "red tape" can be, so we are doing our best to alleviate as much of that for you as we can. Because of the amount and way that we get charged for taking on this additional service we must charge this small fee to help offset some of the costs in order to make this possible. (Read more about it in our Terms of Service).

A. As with anything, it depends. On average each seller can make roughly $8-$10 per product sold. What you list your products at will decide your profits. Take our listed base price plus fee and subtract your listed sales price and that will give you your profit per product.

*refer to our Terms of Service for a full pricing breakdown

What causes price changes?


A. We may give discounts on the base price of products once you meet certain requirements. If you choose to offer discounts to your customers keep in mind that those discounts come out of your profits of the sales and not from our listed base prices or fees.

A. No. You will not get charged additional fees without it being made clear beforehand what any potential fees may be charged for. We strive to be open and transparent about our pricing structure. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us via email.

A. Yes. You can add more than one print location to some products such as shirts, hoodies, etc. The sheet above shows pricing for one print location and adding more than that will result in additional fees.

A. We offer graphic design services. Please contact us directly to discuss this further. Some services are free and others are paid services.

A. Yes. The product price chart above shows prices for XS-XL. 2XL and up will cost a small amount more. You can find the exact pricing under our "Full Catalog" section.