Heat Applied Film

This is by far our most popular apparel printing technique.

We ask that you limit your colors to no more than 3 colors and submit a Vector Graphics File (.svg, .eps). Although we can accept files in (.jpg) format we do ask for Vector files.

#1: Once we receive your design it will be machine cut with a large vinyl foil plotter. Each color in your design will be cut out of a separate sheet of vinyl foil.

#2: The vinyl foil will then undergo a process called "weeding". This is done by human hand in a very precise manner. The excess vinyl foil is removed and only your design remains. Each color will undergo this process separately.

Heat Press
#3: Now your design will be placed on the t-shirt by hand and permanently pressed in place with high heat and pressure.

Shirt Complete
#4: The t-shirt is now complete and ready for packaging and shipping.